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Its been a really long time to be seen on the blog. Still It gives me immense pleasure to post something here on friendship today (An everlasting relationship)......

Just have a look if you tooo feel the same about friends and frienship just as I do.

Guruji has said the time upto mid-october is not very favourable for us. Bawa also said this time is a very good oppurtunity for all of us to go inward, to read Knowledge. I personally have been spending quite a lot of time reading knowledge sheets and I am having a wonderful time ! :)

i recommend you the same ...


Luv :)

Another wonderful example : 'Even the Stone melts in Love’

Maoist leader surrenders in Jharkhand
BOKARO (JHARKHAND): A top Maoist leader today surrendered before the police here with his weapon, taking the total number of surrendered rebels to ten in Jharkhand since July.
"Ramendra alias Guruji surrendered before Inspector General of Police (Zonal) Manoj Kumar Mishra and handed over his pistol to him," Superintendent of Police, Saket Kumar Singh, said here.
The rebel told the police that he was inspired by Art of Living classes of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar which he had attended in disguise at Garhwa.
In 1996, Ramendra joined People's War Group which later merged with Marxist Comminust Centre to form CPI(Maoist). He became a self-styled sub-zonal commander of CPI(Maoist), Singh said.
The surrendered Maoist, who faced four Naxal-related cases, was entrusted with 'political education' in a couple of villages of Bihar and Jharkhand, he said.
Ramendra, who became the tenth ultra to have turned in before the police since July this year, received Rs 50,000 in case on surrendering and would be rehabilitated as per the government?s surrender policy, the SP said.

Source: 2008 ExpressBuzz

That green thing you see (its quite a dirty photo .. sry .. :/) ... is from a recipe on bau's blog ... called "Pesto" ...

My mom n bro spat it on first taste ... but i loved it :) ... twas heavenly :)



Finally, Guruji entered the Yagyashaala at 8.35 pm looking fresh like a lily, dressed in flowing white. It was a perfect entry, Rishi Nityapragyaji singing, 4000 people dancing, and he entered swaying to the bhajan.

He then sat down, sang along, and recited a beautiful Sanskrit shloka and then explained it. He said, “Wherever there is meditation, satsang, yoga and seva happening, there is so much positivity that violence will just cease to exist”.
“Take the case of that terrorist who came today. He fired, but the bullet didn’t even touch me. It could have killed anyone, but it just brushed a devotee. There is so much positivity in the ashram, that the terrorist's mind was changed. Though he could have killed many, he just didn’t harm anyone! Obviously he would not have come with just one bullet. But his mind was transformed and he left without firing even the second time. It was all due to the satva in the ashram.”

“Even during the silver jubilee of the AOL there were some terrorists who had vowed not to let the event happen. But the vibes of 2.5 million people meditating together were so strong, that even their mind got transformed and they couldn’t do anything.”

“I forgive him and welcome him here, attend the satsang, sing, dance, see what joy is. He will then give up violence and blossom like a flower. The terrorists are not bad people. They just need some compassion. They have a victim inside them yelling for help.”

“Infact, this knowledge of spirituality, is the only thing that can overcome terrorism. Wherever people meditate, do sadhana and satsang, the violence and crime in that area goes down. Hence we should take this knowledge to more and more people. Let the positivity reform the minds of the violent people. Then only the world will be at peace. You need not worry about security. Nothing can happen to you. You have a security kavach around you. Feel safe and go to sleep”.

Later that night, when I was reflecting on what had happened, a few things struck my mind.
Guruji ALWAYS said, “leave alone the chance of a crime in the ashram, no crime can happen even in the 5 km radius around the ashram. I have heard this since I know Him, but today day He proved it! The attacker could not even shoot till the moment Guruji was outside the vehicle. It was only after He sat in His car, did the attacker fire. That’s how powerful His radiance is!

Once Guruji was asked, “its said that everything in our life is already decided. Then why to be in spiritual knowledge and why to be with a Guru?” He smiled and replied, “see its true that everything is decided. But to what extent it should be true is in your hands. If its written that an arrow will hit you, it will. But if you are in spiritual knowledge (or with a sadhguru) it may just take your cap along, without even touching you!”
This is exactly what happened. Though that bullet could have killed anyone, it just brushed off the thigh of one of the devotee. There wasn't even a drop of blood. After just receiving the first aid, Vinay was all fine!

If anyone of us is attacked, we wouldn’t dare to step out even with security, until the attacker is caught. And here He was, attacked just two hours ago, and already getting along freely with His devotees, without ANY security. And yes, the attacker was not caught and could have been sitting among His devotees as well!

When He announced about the attack to a crowd of 4000, everyone in the hall was surprised, but not even a single person panicked! Didn’t get the gravity of my point?
Imagine a college gathering with 4000 people in it. It is announced that someone, may be a terrorist shot at the principal about 1 hour ago. The principal escaped with minor injury, but the terrorist has not been caught! Imagine the chaos that will follow in the gathering then. Everyone will run out of the place! One can only imagine the levels of panic in the crowd!
But it was a different scene in the ashram. No one moved from their place in the hall. All the children below 14 years of age, around 200 of them, were sitting in another room. To my amazement, not a single parent got up to go to his child! Everyone just sat there listening to Guruji, clapping and getting enlightened by His knowledge, as if everyone in the hall just KNEW that they will be taken care of! That’s what faith is!

I do not blame the DGP or the home minister for stating that it was not an attack, just an incident, for its much difficult for their intellectual brain to understand the effect of positive vibes. A simple way out for them is, “single shot - not on Guruji - a fight among His followers - resulting in firing”. Any person who has been to ashram even once will know the absurdity of this statement! And yes, the lie that the bullet was fired 15 minutes after Guruji had left! Well, the police asked a few followers about the incident, most of whom weren’t at that spot when the incident occurred, and accepted the less told, but convenient narration of the incident.

Who shot at Guruji? Guruji says that no one can harm Him. He tells that His devotees are safe. And He PROVED it! As devotees, what is important for us is to know that when we are in His grace, no one can harm us. Feel secure! Its our duty to regularly practice sadhana, conduct satsangs, and spread this knowledge so that more and more people get transformed and leave violence. The one who shot at Him, an individual, a maoist or a terrorist, might have already left the path of violence! As a devotee why should the identity of the attacker matter to us, when we have so much to learn from the incident and strenghten our Faith in Him?
Jai Gurudev!

Disclaimer: All the sentences, even those within the quotes may not be exact replication of what Guruji said.

Njoy! :)

Hello all! :-)
Hope ur compre was gr8... n even if it wasn't never mind. It's over! :)

Today is GURUJI's bday!! (Tera Main) :-) :-)
Do devote some time to yourselves to wish Him :)
Jai Gurudev!

Here's a wonderful post from Radha. Some of you might have read it, since it's also on her blog. But its worth reading again! :-)

Born in a family where everyone is a Krishna devotee, i grew up listening to Krishna stories in my childhood. There was one thing about him though, that bugged me too much. Everyone said that Radha and Krishna are incarnations of love, born on earth to teach mankind the essense of love. It made no sense to me, as Krishna left Radha forever, went on to become a king, had a sixteen thousand wives, but never thought of calling his girl friend back. To me, it looked more like a teenage fling than an attempt to teach humans what love is.

However, one year back, I went to Gokul and Vrindavan, the place where Radha and Krishna grew up. While we were doing a pradakshina around the Govardhan Parvat, I asked a rickshawallah the same question about the relevance of Radha and Krishna's love. What he said illuminated me more than ne pandits ever had.

"Radha's love for Krishna was not just the love of a woman for a man as we look at it today. She loved him like a girlfriend loves her boyfriend, like a daughter loves her father,like a sister adores her brother,like a student respects her teacher, and like a devotee worships her god. Krishna was everything to Radha, and He understood that. Who says marriage is the ultimate expression of love? It wouldn't have been so for Radha and Krishna for sure, because the love they shared was so much more than that. This was the message they wanted to give to the world - a nameless non-judgemental love."

I understood what he meant. We always try to name love, to analyse it, explain it. But we forget that the real beauty of love is in its mystery. There's no rationale behind it, and no boundaries ahead of it. We always try to reason about every relationship.

'he's a friend, but you know, just a friend.'
'but u spend so much time with him!'
'i know its weird.'
'no but you should explain.. there has got to be something. what exactly is it, you are what? friends, lovers, friends wanting to be lovers, friends trying not be lovers, what??'
'I have no idea.. '

Thats perfectly 'lovely'. We don't have to give love a name, and make it some kind of 'relationship'. Love is just.. it. Its Love :)

Radha :)

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